See & understand music

With synesthesia & AI

Revolutionizing music education with AI & synesthesia

At Synegram, we make music education intuitive, engaging, and accessible to everyone. Our cutting-edge platform fuses the fascinating world of synesthesia with the latest AI & EdTech innovations to transform how music is learnt and experienced.

See to understand

Our innovative approach revolves around the powerful idea that visual representation can profoundly deepen comprehension. When you see music, you unlock a new dimension of understanding. Our platform translates music into real-time logical visualisations making complex music concepts intuitively accessible.

A unique music language

Based on simple and logical representations of music, we have developed our own unique language that is visual and easy-to-understand. Explore music through synesthetic experiences where shapes, colors and movements reveal the emotional essence of harmonies and melodies.

Interactive & autonomous learning for everyone

Our educational ecosystem has a holistic approach and includes an immersive web platform, interactive tools, a range of educational materials, and immersive art exhibitions, all geared towards making the learning process more fun and enjoyable. By integrating the latest EdTech innovations and principles of neuroeducation, we ensure that our methods arealigned with how the brain best learns and processes music.

Empower your creativity with AI

Our website serves as an interactive learning hub, incorporating some of the latest EdTech innovations. Our AI- powered experiences enhance your understanding of what you're playing using smart real-time visualisations. We're currently developing an AI protocol leveraging on natural language processing, intelligent feedback, gamification, and behavioral optimization, to take music education to the next level.

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